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Cisco CCNP IP Routing

Cisco CCNP IP Routing ? (642-902)

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  • Course Content: Implement Path Control, Planning Routing Services
  • Prerequisite: Any valid Cisco?CCENT,?CCNA Routing and Switching, or any?CCIE?certification
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Cisco - CCNP IP Routing

Course Content and Further Information

The ROUTE examination is one of the three components of the CCNP qualification offered by Cisco, along with the TSHOOT exam and the SWITCH exam. It provides students with the knowledge needed to use IP addressing and routing to implement secure Cisco ISR routers when connected to WANs and LANs, as well as how to configure routing systems for mobile workers.

As this qualification is part of the route to gaining the CCNP accreditation, those successfully completing the course will be one step closer to realising the dream of becoming CCNP accredited. This will enable all successful students to forge themselves a clear role in the workplace and make themselves highly prized assets to any company ? therefore ensuring that they can demand high wages and have great career prospects. What?s more, the qualification is well-regarded throughout the world, meaning that successful students have a wealth of new opportunities open to them.

In order to complete this course, all candidates will need to attend an exam, which can be organised by contacting Pearson VUE, the official examination partner of Cisco. The exam is completed over the space of two hours and requires all students to answer between 45-55 questions.

A course designed to complement both the TSHOOT and SWITCH exams, leading to the CCNP qualification. Those completing this course will be proficient in the use of Cisco ISR routers within LAN and WAN networks, amongst various other things.

Who is this for?

The vast majority of those studying towards this qualification are already working within the industry, and are looking to further their career by gaining the highly regarded CCNP qualification ? something that will make them a much more valued member of the workforce with an incredibly in-demand skill. Employers will also benefit from sending employees on this course, as they will return with a much higher knowledge of Cisco IP routing and therefore perform a much more important role within the company.

Prior knowledge

It is expected that all applicants to this course will already have at the minimum a year of experience working within the field. Candidates for the ROUTE course should also already hold the CCNA qualification or a qualification from the range of CCIE courses offered by Cisco.

Course features and objectives

  • Implement EIGRP solutions for a network
  • Acquire knowledge needed to implement a multi-area OSPF network
  • Understand eBGP solutions and how to implement them correctly within a network
  • Understand IPv6 solutions, as well as IPv4 and IPv6 redistribution solutions, as well as what is needed to implement them effectively
  • Implement Layer 3 Path Control solutions

Next step

Anyone looking to enrol on the ROUTE course should do so by clicking HERE, or by contacting out dedicated team by phoning [0203123279]. Let Mosaica help you progress your knowledge of Cisco networks today!