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Microsoft Excel All In One

Microsoft Excel 2010 All in One Package

  • Included are beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level Excel 2010 at this special offer Price
  • 24*7 online learning with web-based anytime, anywhere access
  • Simulation learning replicates the Excel workbook, providing an immersive learning experience
  • Become an Excel Expert in no time.? Learn the basics fast with the simulated learning environment and progress onto expert level at your pace after mastering the basics first
  • Reinforce your knowledge at the end of each section and chapter by completing the interactive self-test
  • Our Learning Management System enables you to stop and start your learning in any way that suits you including 30 minute bite size learning
  • Course navigation features allow you to jump directly to specific topics of interest quickly and easily or continue where you previously stopped
  • View Course Content here and see how you can quickly use features that tell a story about your work whether it sales, presentations or weak areas of your employers business activity
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EXCEL all in ONE 1 Year £ 45.00

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Microsoft Excel - All In One?

Course Content and Further Information

See Links below?for the Complete Course Content for Excel 2010 all in One Training that Includes Excel Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training

Whats New in Excel 2010

Excel 2010 delivers powerful new features

The new features and tools in Excel 2010 help you discover patterns or trends that can lead to more informed decisions and improve your ability to analyze large data sets. The advanced software of MS Excel 2010 speeds up the process of keeping records of the organization, making business plans, managing operations and measuring progress.

Easy and effective comparisons?

With the powerful analytical tools included within Microsoft Excel you have the ability to analyze large amounts of data to discover trends and patterns that will influence decisions. Microsoft Excel?s graphing capabilities allows you to summarize your data enhancing your ability to organize and structure your data.

Powerful analysis of large amounts of data.

Recent upgrades to the Excel spreadsheet enhance your ability to analyze large amounts of data. With powerful filtering, sorting and search tools you are able to quickly and easily narrow down the criteria that will assist in your decisions. Combine these tools with the tables, Pivot Tables and Graphs you can find the information that you want quickly and easily even if you have hundreds of thousands of data items. While you will need the latest technology to get the best out of Microsoft Excel it is scalable and can be used at home on your low powered PC or at work on your high powered Laptop.

Working Together

With the advent of the Excel Web App you can now work on spreadsheets simultaneously with other users. The ability to work together enhances your ability to streamline processes and allows for ?brainstorming? sessions with large sets of data ? the collaboration tools allow you to get the most out of the sharing capabilities of Microsoft Excel.The added bonus is that as the Excel Worksheet is web based you can collaborate anywhere ? you are no longer tied to your desk but can work on spreadsheets on the go ? this is ideal for a businessman on the go.

Microsoft Excel Mobile &iPad Apps

With the advent of the tablet and the smart phone it is now possible to take your worksheets to a client or a meeting without having to bring along your Laptop. The power of these mobile devices now allows you to manipulate data and update your spreadsheets and then view the spreadsheets immediately on your phone or tablet.