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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Training

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - Online Training

Course Content and Further Information

1. LSSBB Overview


Organizational roadblocks

Blackbelt role in communication and selection criteria

Overview of continuous improvement approaches

Overview of Lean

Lean concepts

Lean Tools explained - 5S, Kaizen, SME, Heijunka, Genchi Gembutsu

2. Pre-define DMAIC and Define

Pre-Define with :


? Pre-define pre-requisites & qualifications

? Project prioritization matrix

? Introduction to enterprise wide view versus LOB view



? Champion's transfer of project

? Team dynamics and facilitation



? VOC - CTQ Tree

? Translation of metrics

? Kano Model

? Quality function deployment

? Y-Baseline performance

? Project Charter

? Business metrics

? Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY)

? Statistical Definition of Six Sigma

? Team member selection

3. Measure

Pre-Measure considerations and Tools

Types of Data and Measurement Scales

Central Tendency and Dispersion

Measurement System Analysis - Variables GAGE RR and Attribute RR

Stability conditions

Capability Metrics (Cp, Cpk, Cpkm, Pp, Ppk)

Variations, Variability and Process Conditions

Data Distribution (Normal, Binomial, Poisson, Exponential)

Sigma Shift, Mean Shift and Reducing Variations

Baseline Data

4. Analyse

Pre-analyse considerations

Objectives of anaslye

Value Stream Analysis

Sources of Variation, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Box Plots

Regression --- Simple Linear, Multiple Linear, Curvilinear, Stepwise

Confidence Intervals

Hypothesis Testing - Parametric (f test, t test, z test, ANOVA (1 Way and 2 Way)

Hypothesis Testing - Non Parametric (Mann Whitney, Wilcoxon Rank Sign, Kruskal Wallis)

Analysis of Categorical Data

5. Improve

Pre-lmprove considerations

Design of Experiments - Theory

Design of Experiments - Practical

Brainstorming for solutions, Solutions Prioritization and Cost Benefit Analysis

Piloting, Validating and FMEA

6. Control

Pre-Control considerations

Variables Control Charts and Attribute Control Charts

Measurement System Analysis

Control Plan

Document Archiving and Project Closure

Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance