CompTIA online training - Jump start your IT Career with the CompTia range of fast-track IT Certifications

  • CompTIA is the world?s leading provider of IT professional certifciations for the IT industry, meaning that their qualifications are highly regarded by employers globally. Those with CompTIA certifications will therefore have access to a huge range of job opportunities within the IT industry.
  • CompTIA offer a number of different pathways for IT professionals, leading to various different careers, such as software architecture, security and networking. This means that those looking at CompTIA qualifications will always find a course that suits their personal aspirations
  • CompTIA qualifications feature among the best paying IT qualifications in the world, with the Network+ qualification leading to salaries averaging ?45,000 per annum and the Security+ qualification averaging over ?50,000 per year. Other qualifications from CompTIA can be equally as lucrative
  • A CompTIA qualification will provide any student with a body of knowledge pertaining to the specific subject from a holistic point of view rather than vendor specific, meaning the skills gained can be widely adapted
  • Multiple purchase discounts for employers - ideal for IT departments with modest budgets! Save Big with our Online Solutions?
  • For those that already hold a CompTia certification we have many more specialist pathway qualifications for you to further your career smartly and cost effectively by learning online
The Following online Courses are designed to help you get started with CompTIA.
Course Name 24 / 7 Expert Support Interactive Self Tests Real Live Practice Labs Duration Of
Course Access
Price More Info
COMPTIA A+ 801 & 802 Combined 6 Months £ 345.00 Read More
CompTia Security+2011 6 Months £ 295.00 Read More
CompTIA Network+ 6 Months £ 295.00 Read More
CompTIA Linux+ 6 Months £ 295.00 Read More

CompTia Online Courses from MOSAICA LEARNING

CompTIA A+ (801 & 802)

CompTIA A+ certification comprises of two different examinations, and at Mosaica Learning we are able to teach both modules to an incredibly high standard, using a variety of different training methods. CompTIA A+ Essentials teaches the basics needed to become an entry-level professional in the IT industry. The second part of the course, CompTIA A+ Practical Application, builds on the Essentials course, discussing scenarios where the information learned in the previous module can be applied, therefore meaning it is a more ?hands on? studying experience.

CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ qualification allows professionals to be accredited with one of the? most recognized and respected certifications within the IT security industry. It allows successful students to prove that they understand the various security risks posed to IT systems, as well as the different methods used in order to combat these risks successfully. With the specialist training provided by Mosaica Learning, all students know that they are receiving the best possible education when studying towards the Security+ qualification.

CompTIA Network+

The CompTIA Network+ qualification is for those wishing to demonstrate their proficiency in networking, covering subjects such as network technologies and network installation. The massive experience of our trainers and other staff members will ensure that those signing up to this course have all the knowledge needed to successfully negotiate the final exam, but that they are also prepared to use the knowledge gained in a real work environment once the course is finished.

CompTIA Linux+

The CompTIA Linux+ qualification, although offered by CompTIA, is associated with the Linux Professional Institute, which is the world?s premier body for Linux certification. There are two parts to this qualification ? LX0-101 and LX0-102 ? and these will teach the student topics such as Linux installation, Unix and GNU commands and basic networking. Those passing both of these exams will also be able to have their certification forwarded to the LPI, as well as automatically gain LPIC-1 certification, which is the basic qualification offered by the LPI.

More reasons to Choose Mosaica Learning ahead of the Competition?

Learning at your speed with Mosaica Learning is a far richer and rewarding learning experience. Industry leading Trainers sharing years of valuable knowledge?gained in real-life work environments and refined through years of training?and coaching

High Pass Rates

Numerous studies have proven again and again that one of the reasons for low pass rates in classroom based learning is because the lack of time the trainer spends in explaining critical subject matter due to the lack of ?classroom time? available

It is Impossible to personalise a course where there are more than 5 learners on a course.? Most courses will have 10 plus learners if not more, this means the course is less personalised to meet your needs, and thus you do not get value for your money

Learning at your own speed with Expert Help on Tap

So when we say learning at your own speed, we mean:

  • Pausing for thought
  • Critical thinking
  • Being able to play back to confirm what the trainer explained
  • This is especially true for a technical course and is likely to happen many times in the learning process.

You will have the luxury to confirm or ask any questions to our friendly experts by live chat, email or phone should you still not understand any parts of the course or have general questions or queries.

Learning at your own speed does not mean taking months or years to finish a course as this would be a waste of your money and time.

Combining the best of both worlds

A major advantage of online learning is that trainer or teacher does everything that he/she would in a classroom but you have control over the pace of learning. You can pause, playback, think, take a break, make a coffee, refresh yourself and keep motivated by the stimulating way our expert trainers take you through your learning cycle. Online learning has many higher pass rates than traditional classroom learning for this reason.

It is Interactive and Social

Most people would think that distance learning restricts students to interact with one another. The truth is actually the opposite - eLearners interact with fellow students from all over the globe via blogs and moderated discussion boards.? A great way to add to your professional network by building relationships on shared interests.