Six Sigma Online Training - Take the Lead & Practice What You Preach

  • Sig Sigma Green and Black Belt Training Course Content and Training conforming to ASQ Body of Knowledge
  • Six Sigma Training is appropriate for a wide range of positions including managers, consultants, change agents, project managers -? and anyone involved in Six Sigma projects including quality personnel
  • A Six Sigma certification?proves your knowledge to current and future employers?- leverage your next appraisal by proving your quality in practice and on paper or stand out at your next job interview with Six Sigma qualifications
  • Our Six Sigma Online Training Courses are accessible 24/7 from anywhere at any time ? flexibility inbuilt for your convenience
  • The Six Sigma Online Courses are loaded with hundreds of practice questions, simulation tests that are free and course materials to download ? plus much more.
  • As Mosaica Learning is an Official APMG Licensed Affiliate you can earn 30 PDU?s as part of your Professional Development body of proof by completing the green or black belt courses
  • For any employers sending their staff on this course, looking to increase their knowledge and therefore increase the efficiency of the company, we will offer a discount when two or more employees are enrolled at the same time
  • Start Practicing what you will be preaching, SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY by learning Online with our expert 24/7 support -
The Following online Courses are designed to help you get started with SIX SIGMA.
Course Name PDU's Exam Included Number Of Full Length CSSGB Practise Test Number of Exam Prep Questions with Detailed Answers American Society For Quality Control Duration Of
Course Access
Price More Info
Six Sigma Green Belt 30 3 300 30 Days £ 120.00 Read More
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt 30 2 200 30 Days £ 135.00 Read More

Six Sigma Online Training Courses available from Mosaica Learning

Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training

This Six Sigma Green Belt course online is designed for quality professionals, engineers, production managers and frontline supervisors. Within your company, you will be a process owner and champion charged with the responsibility of improving quality and processes at an organisational or departmental level. This course will help you to maximise your effectiveness in this field, and to market yourself for more senior quality improvement positions both internally and with external employers.?

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Training

This Black Belt course is designed for managers or executives involved in the implementation of Six Sigma in their organisation. You may also wish to become a consultant involved in implementing a Six Sigma proposal.? This course will help you to maximise your effectiveness in this field, and to market yourself for more senior quality improvement positions both internally and with external employers.

More reasons to Choose Mosaica Learning ahead of the Competition?

Learning at your speed with Mosaica Learning is a far richer and rewarding learning experience. Industry leading Trainers sharing years of valuable knowledge?gained in real-life work environments and refined through years of training?and coaching

High Pass Rates

Numerous studies have proven again and again that one of the reasons for low pass rates in classroom based learning is because the lack of time the trainer spends in explaining critical subject matter due to the lack of ?classroom time? available

It is Impossible to personalise a course where there are more than 5 learners on a course.? Most courses will have 10 plus learners if not more, this means the course is less personalised to meet your needs, and thus you do not get value for your money

Learning at your own speed with Expert Help on Tap

So when we say learning at your own speed, we mean:

  • Pausing for thought
  • Critical thinking
  • Being able to play back to confirm what the trainer explained
  • This is especially true for a technical course and is likely to happen many times in the learning process.

You will have the luxury to confirm or ask any questions to our friendly experts by live chat, email or phone should you still not understand any parts of the course or have general questions or queries.

Learning at your own speed does not mean taking months or years to finish a course as this would be a waste of your money and time.

Combining the best of both worlds

A major advantage of online learning is that trainer or teacher does everything that he/she would in a classroom but you have control over the pace of learning. You can pause, playback, think, take a break, make a coffee, refresh yourself and keep motivated by the stimulating way our expert trainers take you through your learning cycle. Online learning has many higher pass rates than traditional classroom learning for this reason.

It is Interactive and Social

Most people would think that distance learning restricts students to interact with one another. The truth is actually the opposite - eLearners interact with fellow students from all over the globe via blogs and moderated discussion boards.? A great way to add to your professional network by building relationships on shared interests.