Sage Online Training - Get your Career Rolling by getting Sage Certified?

  • Sage is the most common Accounting software used by small and medium businesses and the third most popular by all types of businesses in the world
  • If you want to work in the field of Accounting, Finance, or even mid range roles such as Accounts Clerk plus many other roles - having Sage knowledge or qualifications is a pre-requisiite
  • If your thinking about a career that is Finance related at any level boost your skills and power up your CV by getting Sage Certified
  • If you?re running a business Sage can help you make a great impression with your customers by letting you create professional-looking quotations & invoices as well as remaining compliant
  • Fast Track online Sage Training at great prices ? Don?t bust your bank balance - save time and your hard earned money too by learning online in your own space and comfort
  • With our online learning system you will get to grips with using Sage Software quickly and cheaply?and gain the relevant Sage qualifictions that develop your Career
  • If you already use Sage - validate your skills by getting the official qualification to impress your current employer or enhance your future job prospects
The Following online Courses are designed to help you get started with Sage.
Course Name Anytime, Anywhere Access Interactive Self Tests Exam Included Duration Of
Course Access
Price More Info
Sage Bookkeeping Stage 1 6 months £ 49.99 Read More
Sage Online Bookkeeping Stage 2 6 Months £ 49.99 Read More
Sage Instant Accounts 6 months £ 49.99 Read More
Sage 50 Accounts 6 months £ 95.00 Read More

Sage Software and Bookkeeping Training Courses available from Mosaica Learning

Sage Instant

The Sage Instant online course is designed to help you get started with Sage. The Mosaica Online Sage Instant Training course is an easy and efficient way to learn Sage Instant. The step by step learning allows you to control the flow and pace rather than being rushed from topic to topic as is often the case in a grouped classroom environment.

There are interactive quizzes to test your knowledge as you go through each stage of your learning. You'll even receive a?Certificate of completion when you've finished the course.

Sage 50 Accounts

This course will help you quickly become an expert with Sage 50 Accounts software - giving you the tools to help you manage your cash flow and VAT returns or show your employer you have the skills for this job.
You don't need to have any previous experience with Sage 50 Accounts to take this course.? Si it is also perfect someone considering gaining employment within a finance environment.

Our 6 hour Sage 50 Accounts online course will help make the leap in improving your productivity or run your business with much more confidence and clarity without you needing to pay hundreds of pounds for a classroom based course.

Sage Bookkeeping Level 1

If you want to understand the basics of bookkeeping skills, then this Sage Stage 1 Bookkeeping course is for you. It will give you the introductory knowledge you need to use Sage Bookkeeping software and enable you to start a career in finance.? The Online course is an efficient and cost-effective way to learn Sage Bookkeeping and is a popular way to start a career in finance.?

You'll have help getting to grips with the software - covering everything from the very basics through to day-to-day use. You don't need to have any previous experience with Sage Bookkeeping to do this course.

Sage Bookkeeping Level 2

Building On from Sage Bookkeeping Level 1 is the level 2 course that helps you to advance your skills in Bookkeeping. It will also give you the knowledge you need to use Sage Bookkeeping software for accounting purposes thus greatly enhancing your employability prospects as many businesses use Sage for finance and accounting purposes.

More reasons to Choose Mosaica Learning ahead of the Competition?

Learning at your speed with Mosaica Learning is a far richer and rewarding learning experience. Industry leading Trainers sharing years of valuable knowledge?gained in real-life work environments and refined through years of training?and coaching

High Pass Rates

Numerous studies have proven again and again that one of the reasons for low pass rates in classroom based learning is because the lack of time the trainer spends in explaining critical subject matter due to the lack of ?classroom time? available

It is Impossible to personalise a course where there are more than 5 learners on a course.? Most courses will have 10 plus learners if not more, this means the course is less personalised to meet your needs, and thus you do not get value for your money

Learning at your own speed with Expert Help on Tap

So when we say learning at your own speed, we mean:

  • Pausing for thought
  • Critical thinking
  • Being able to play back to confirm what the trainer explained
  • This is especially true for a technical course and is likely to happen many times in the learning process.

You will have the luxury to confirm or ask any questions to our friendly experts by live chat, email or phone should you still not understand any parts of the course or have general questions or queries.

Learning at your own speed does not mean taking months or years to finish a course as this would be a waste of your money and time.

Combining the best of both worlds

A major advantage of online learning is that trainer or teacher does everything that he/she would in a classroom but you have control over the pace of learning. You can pause, playback, think, take a break, make a coffee, refresh yourself and keep motivated by the stimulating way our expert trainers take you through your learning cycle. Online learning has many higher pass rates than traditional classroom learning for this reason.

It is Interactive and Social

Most people would think that distance learning restricts students to interact with one another. The truth is actually the opposite - eLearners interact with fellow students from all over the globe via blogs and moderated discussion boards. A great way to add to your professional network by building relationships on shared interests.