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Sage Online Bookkeeping Stage 2

Sage Online Bookkeeping Level 2 with or without Exam - 6 months access

  • 24*7 online learning with web-based anytime, anywhere access
  • No previous experience or knowledge of Sage needed to take this course
  • Online simulation learning replicates the Sage software that you will be using, providing an immersive learning experience
  • Bookkeeping Stage 2 covers Working with Prepayments and accruals, Accounting for depreciation, Accounting for Write-Offs and much more.??
  • Fun but challenging Interactive quizzes will test your knowledge as you go progress through the course, thus giving you confidence and reassurance for the next stage
  • You?ll even receive a statement of completion when you?ve finished the course
  • You?ll have access to this course for six months from the date of purchase ? giving you plenty of time to finish your course
  • Gain Official qualification by purchasing exam.? See pricing table below
  • This course is based on version 18?of the Sage Software
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Sage Bookkeeping Stage 2 6 Months £ 49.99
Sage Bookkeeping Stage 2 with exam 30 Minutes £ 95.00

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Sage - Online Bookkeeping Stage 2

Course Content and Further Information

By the end of the course you will learn how to?learn how to:

  • Understand the basics of Sage Bookkeeping
  • Do accounting for reduction
  • Do accounting for write-offs
  • Reconcile Sage Bookkeeping with your bank account
  • Apply performance measures? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??


  • Working with Prepayments and Accruals
  • Accounting for Depreciation
  • Accounting for Write-Offs
  • Reconciling your Bank Account
  • Applying Performance Measures

Course features:

You'll work through the course online, where you'll complete a series of exercises. All you need is access to the internet.

You'll have on screen simulations to take you through each stage of your learning, and interactive quizzes will test your knowledge as you go along. You'll even receive a statement of completion when you've finished the course.

How this course can help your business:

  • Have more control over your business finances
  • Develop cash accounting methods that suit the needs of your business?
  • Help with the management of customers and suppliers

Sage Bookkeeping 2 Exam

You can buy the?SAGE BOOKKEPPING STAGE 2 EXAM?in addition with the full course. The Exam tests you on what you've covered in this course.

Currently in use by half a million UK businesses, Sage Accounts makes the process of managing money, quotes, invoices, VAT and suppliers as simple as possible. This Exam proves that you can use the popular Sage software for bookkeeping.

This Sage Bookkeeping 2 Exam tests you on what you've learned in the Sage Bookkeeping Stage 2 course. On passing the Exam, you'll receive a Sage Certificate of Competency in Sage Bookkeeping Stage 2 as proof of your competence.

Online Access:

6 Months