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ITIL Intermediate CSI

The ITIL Intermediate Continual Service Improvement (CSI) Lifecycle Module Online Training allows all students to progress their knowledge of the ITIL Service Lifecycle, specifically focussing on the use of process and practice elements used, as well as the different skills needed in order to deliver the best possible service management practices.

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ITIL Intermediate CSI 30 30 Days £ 135.00
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ITIL - Intermediate CSI

Course Content and Further Information

The ITIL Intermediate Continual Service Improvement (CSI) course is perfect for those looking to improve their knowledge of the ITIL Service Lifecycle and further enhance their career prospects within the industry. Experienced tutors teach subjects such as management capabilities and process and practice elements, to make sure all candidates reach a high level of competency in this area.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone looking to increase their job prospects, improve their career progression, raise their salary or simply learn more about the ITIL Service Lifecycle. It will make a massive difference to the careers of all students taking the exam, such is the courses desirability to employers. Employers also often send staff on this course, as they realise that knowledgeable staff I this area will lead to a much more effective and efficient IT project management team.

Prior knowledge

This course is for those who already possess some experience within the IT industry, preferably having 2 years of experience working within IT service management. It is also advisable that anyone attending this course has already completed the ITIL Foundation course, as this provides the basic concepts of ITIL. The Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) course would also be helpful to those looking to succeed on the CSI course.

Course features and objectives

  • Understand what continual service improvement is, along with its principles and processes
  • Understand the methods and techniques used to ensure that service is continually improved
  • Learn how to organise and design plans to ensure the implementation of continual service improvement
  • Understand the considerations that need to be given to different technologies in use
  • Be familiar with the different challenges faced, as well as how to determine whether improvement has been a success or not

Next step

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